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Located at the Western Hospital, Henley Beach, South Australia, the Western Breast Clinic offers a "one - stop" service for all breast related medical problems.

A diagnostic service for all breast symptoms and conditions, with clinical assessment, radiological (mammography and ultrasound) investigation and tissue biopsy (fine needle or core) carried out in the same visit. A prompt diagnosis will be given, allowing immediate recommendations for appropriate treatment and or surgical procedure.

We also offer Consultative Surgical Management of all Endocrine Surgical problems, including the surgery of Thyroid, Parathyroid, Salivary glands and Adrenal disorders. Surgical oncology is the treatment of cancer by surgery.

Our doctors are Specialist Surgeons and can offer advice and treatment of most
General Surgical conditions, as well as advice for the treatment of all Breast, Endocrine and
Oncology Surgical Conditions.

Nothing on this website takes the place of direct and personal advice on your condition
from your Specialist or Doctor.